Coins and Paper Money

1) Call the Priority 1 Pawn first!
It is important that you call us first to find out if we buy or give short term loans for coins and which ones we are looking for.

2) Know your coins value
Most pawn brokers aren’t experts at knowing the value of coins. Though the staff at Priority 1 Pawn have a good knowledge on coins, make sure to do some research and reach out to the experts so that when you walk into a pawn shop, you have an idea about how much you should be walking out with.

3) Do not try to clean your coins
Coin collectors prefer coins that display normal natural color. So if it has a bit of dirt and a lack of luster, leave it how it is.

Additional Information

Think about having your coins graded. It can really help the pawnbroker identify the value of your coin so that you can get the best offer for them.