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Porta-Nails 461A Portamatic


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The Porta-Nails Portamatic Elevator 18-Gauge Adjustable Floor Stapler is designed for professional-level installation of high-quality wood flooring. It is designed to minimize damage to the floor during installation and uses 18-Gauge staple that fastens neatly without splitting the wood. An adjustable shoe enables exact staple placement and the compact, 3-1/2 lb. size allows for use close to the wall. This adjustable nailer is easy to service and comes with a carry case, safety goggles, oil and accessories.

  • Operates with 7 – 90 PSI
  • Contact against the floor’s tongue prevents damage to the top edge of the floor
  • Quick and easy access to internal parts for service
  • Adjustable shoe provides for exact staple placement
  • Compact design allows for use close to the wall
  • 18-Gauge staple is thin enough to avoid splitting exotic woods
  • Uses 1 in., 1-1/4 in. and 1-1/2 in. 18-Gauge staples
  • Includes a carry case, safety goggles, air-hose nipple, oil and wrench set
  • Thinner 18-Gauge staple reduces the risk of splitting exotic floors


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